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Public Information

bet9注册口 strives to be a transparent resource to the public via our media partners! If you have a specific request, please use the form below and provide as many details as possible. For a quick response regarding 911-related incidents, use our private, media only Twitter account for the most timely and accurate information. This is our main channel of communication to the media for official statements and incident information. Be sure to have your media affiliation in your bio or direct message us on Twitter so we can verify your credentials. Questions? Email PR@bet9注册口 to get in touch with our team!

Media Requests

Media FAQs

Is bet9注册口 bound by HIPAA?
Yes. In compliance with federal guidelines to protect patient privacy, we are limited in what information we can provide the public regarding specific incidents. We are able to release the time of the call, how many patients were transported, the initial condition of the patient(s), what facility the patient was transported to, and the nature of the call.

What are your patient condition definitions?
The patient condition information that bet9注册口 releases may differ from other agencies due to being clinical in nature.

Life threatening injuries – Priority 1 – After patient evaluation, care providers have determined that the patient is in very critical condition and/or has a chief complaint that could turn life-threatening at any moment. Immediate transport to hospital is necessary. The ambulance will transport emergency traffic (lights and sirens).

Potentially life threatening or serious injuries – Priority 2 – The patient is not critical but has sustained injuries that require prompt hospital transport to determine severity. The ambulance will transport emergency traffic (lights and sirens).

Non life threatening injuries – Priority 3 – The patient has sustained injuries that are non life threatening. The ambulance will transport without lights and sirens.

Where can I set up live shots at bet9注册口?
For live shots, if you do not coordinate with the PR ahead of time, you may only use public property outside of our gates (the parking lot on Wilkinson Boulevard). Please be courteous and refrain from setting up on grassy areas or on the sidewalks/streets for safety reasons.


In addition to our yearly Annual Report with the most current data, this Fact Sheet will give you a general overview of bet9注册口.